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Movie Score or whatever

2010-03-08 19:05:55 by Armagelion

New track up!


2009-11-13 09:54:26 by Armagelion

I'm simply curious about how lots of people make it Top30 and even worse, Top5 with an overall shitty produced track? Don't get me wrong.. there are loads of artists on NG who deserve those spots more)

What are the criterias? To asslick as many people as possible so they won't nuke your ass back?

How can NG be improved if there are so little constructive criticism and so many take it personal? We are all here to help each other to improve as artists! That's the point of a community. Instead lots of people think they are awesome producers because of all the neat reviews, that they keep submitting shit!

I can mention some awesome artists on NG who get their tracks zerobombed shortly after submission. Why? What crime did they commit except sharing earcandy? Did they hurt your feelings in a review earlier by speaking from their heart? Or don't you want that song to have a better score than you? Get a grip.. Zerobombers are lame.
Acceptable in reviews with reasons why, but the 0-5 voting poll is bullshit and NOT thought through at all since it basically controls the whole fate of a song. If it hasn't a good score. People won't "discover" it.

I have one theory though.. maybe most users on NG are too young or just so unexperienced that they can't hear what's hot and what's not?

This post isn't flawless. I'm in a hurry and I might have forgotten to mention stuff to back up certain arguements, but I think most of you understand what I'm talking about.
This is by the way not fingerpointed to the current Top5/30, just generally speaking and I may sound a tad harsh.

Keep it up! :)


New release.

2009-09-13 18:38:53 by Armagelion

Ok, so.. since Mr.Thunderweather raped my computer, I had to start over. Again ^^ (My harddrive commited suicide first time) All things are 3, at least so they say.

Here's the latest news.

I'm having trouble finding my style and/or genre. I mean, it's fun to explore different genres, but I wish to find one I truly can stick to. I've uploaded my most recent track "Pump!" for feedback.

I'd love to hear positive/negative criticism as well as things to improve. I've registered and shipped it over to a label. Hoping on some good news :p

New track in progress.

2009-06-26 13:09:18 by Armagelion

This time I tried something more commerce than previously. A "sneakpeak" of the track *Sunset* is uploaded:)

If it gets sucky scores, I won't bother uploading the full version. :)


2009-04-18 11:58:51 by Armagelion

So, after another shitlong absence I'm trying again. Due to work and stuff, I don't get much spare time to produce.

Uploaded a new track though. Check it out:) Reviews and comments are always appreciated.

AND.. to all you 0 voters out there.. If you don't state why, you're a retarded coward.
Those of you who 0 vote a track without stating why. There are two reasons why
-Either you trash it because the song is overall shitty produced OR you vote 0 because it's way better produced than yours.. and you don't want that to happen:p

kk..I'm back:)

2008-12-15 17:15:26 by Armagelion of this week still remains before I can focus on my music again. I apologize for not being very active with responds during my absence, but that will turn :)

I have a few tracks in progress. A fellow musician just recorded some vocals, so a remix of Italobrothers Vs Tune Up - Colours of the Rainbow will be available soon enough:)
Also working on a new trancetrack:)

I wanna thank people who vote for me and leave reviews. Constructive criticism is always highly appreciated in order to improve as an artist. I take every detailed review into consideration in the progress of a new track.

And some final words..

-Hekka and Dj Doodle here on Newgrounds are scammers! Taking credits for other peoples work. Shame on you! So feel free to nuke their scores.. ^^

Well, that's all I have to say for now.. ciao :)

Hey all!

2008-11-05 05:44:04 by Armagelion

I woke up and jacked in on my Newgrounds account and noticed my track "Djump" had managed to reach #3 on the "All Time Top Scoring" :D

I wanna thank those of you who vote, download and write reviews! It's very uplifting to see that people actually find my music a tad worth listening to:p I think this was the boost I needed to continue, so I'm working on a few tracks I thought about submitting here. Stay tuned:)


I'm leaving NG for a while..

2008-10-14 17:39:09 by Armagelion

Cya around..

Hell yah!

2008-09-25 14:11:49 by Armagelion

My new monitors are up and running.. so I'll be submitting some new stuff real soon xD

Found another old remix hidden somewhere on my cpu from the beginning of 2007. Enjoy for what it's worth :)