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Shit Vs Skilled

2008-09-14 16:48:36 by Armagelion

It's quite amazing how the shitty tracks (in my opinion), the ones unmastered (never heard of an eq before), the ones with cheap, tonedeaf cheezy fu**ed up leads and complete shitshitshit nail most of the tracks that in overall are SO MUCH better produced..! It's a conspiracy.. gotta be! Shitty VS Skilled.. and that leaves me with ONE conclusion: "There are TOO much SHIT on NG baging great songs"

Ok, everybody was a n00b aight, but FFS!

Uploading some old stuff..

2008-09-11 05:06:34 by Armagelion

I'm gonna upload some old stuff until I get my new studiomonitors. Hope some of you'll find it worth listening to :)

Gotta say..

2008-09-09 16:32:20 by Armagelion


New tracks await..

2008-08-29 00:45:05 by Armagelion

I'm working on a couple of tracks in the same alley as the one I submitted here (Harmonia). I'm hoping to finish them by the weekend. :)

Armagelion aka Elektronurd

2008-08-08 08:22:21 by Armagelion

When it comes to my electrohouse productions, I'm going under the alias Elektronurd. Just for the record:p I don't want to make another profile.

PS: If anyone out there is quite familiar with FL Studio 8 and wants to do a co-op on a harddance/trance/electrohouse/soundtra ck.. whatever.. gimme a shout :)


2008-07-15 12:02:25 by Armagelion

The new track " Frisky" is done. Hope some of you'll like it even though it may be a tad plain:p

Personally I think NG gives me squat to improve myself as an artist. Tbh, NG has drowned in crappy productions.. I've thumbled across a few nice productions in the audio section since I signed up here, but 90% of everything else is horrible. I'm not saying my tracks are any better.. I'm just expressing my opinion. I get the feeling that no work at all is put into the making of those songs.

"Hey! I've found a midifile on the internet, now I can copy that and make my own mix!" FFS, if you do.. at least use decent VST's and plugins. I'm a harsh reviewer, but I also have high standards when it comes to what I like. A fat baseline, punchy kicks and awesome percs, not to mention cool leadriffs.
The melody should also be catchy, not boring and too repetetive. Always think: "Is this something I'd want to listen to if someone else made it?"

-Critics should be tougher and far more constructive. If you come across a track that rapes your ears, you should be allowed to say that, but in a constructive sense ofc..
It's nice to get good reviews, but I also find it very useful to get negative ones. Tell me what to improve.

Since I have more time to spend than previously, I'm gonna use some of it to review more:)

..and the voting system on the left is n00bish. Way too many people vote 1 just to boost their own music.