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kk..I'm back:)

2008-12-15 17:15:26 by Armagelion of this week still remains before I can focus on my music again. I apologize for not being very active with responds during my absence, but that will turn :)

I have a few tracks in progress. A fellow musician just recorded some vocals, so a remix of Italobrothers Vs Tune Up - Colours of the Rainbow will be available soon enough:)
Also working on a new trancetrack:)

I wanna thank people who vote for me and leave reviews. Constructive criticism is always highly appreciated in order to improve as an artist. I take every detailed review into consideration in the progress of a new track.

And some final words..

-Hekka and Dj Doodle here on Newgrounds are scammers! Taking credits for other peoples work. Shame on you! So feel free to nuke their scores.. ^^

Well, that's all I have to say for now.. ciao :)


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2009-01-01 15:17:45

Welcome back man!!!

Happy New Year! :D


2009-03-31 21:35:21

Hey , glad ur bk
Would be great if you put kippenveltmeter back on ... still an amazing remix
btw if you can share your flp for this track i'd be curious to see how you made that ( sounds really amazing)

Anyway keep on the good work